Learning Japanese #2 and a half…. Cooori!

Hey WordPress, this is just a quick update regarding my previous blog. After I made it pretty clear how terrible the online language site Cooori and after I emailed them explaining just how awful there site is. I, surprisingly, received an email from the CEO of the company Arnar Jensen who asked me to help give them some ideas for the site. Needless to say I was blown away at the company’s attitude to how unhappy I am with the site and after a few back and forth emails he has made me feel assured that before long the site will change drastically. Whether or not it does remains to be seen, they would be committing business suicide if nothing changed however the CEO himself has assured me a lot will change. I will keep you posted on future developments on this site.

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Blog number #1 and so it begins!

So while at a loose end I decided I wanted to create a blog, you see I am one of those people who doesn’t do a awful lot with their time instead just opting to kick back and relax so I decided hey! Let’s write about it, after all my English skills leave a lot to be desired. Anyway seen as though I have a lot of free time and after having a rather heated debate with a friend about just how awesome the internet it, it’s pretty friken awesome right?!?! I decided to embark on a journey where I attempt to teach myself things using the internet; for example, I want to somehow teach myself a new language using free internet sources so I can write about it. I will write a new blog within a week or two about starting learning my language of choice and well if I can do this then I guess the internet is pretty damn awesome. Hopefully as I get better at this these blogs will become less boring and you never know someone might come to enjoy them other then my mum!

Thanks for reading, Mitch