Learning Japanese #4 Katakana conquered! Still struggling with phrases and Japanese media!

Hey WordPress! Thanks for checking out my blog, I’ve been getting some great comments that have really been encouraging me to continue writing, which is great. Anyway as the title might suggest I managed to conquer the Katakana! Although having spent some time reading Japanese text I now know it isn’t used as much as Kanji so I still need to use the Romanji to learn certain phrases. I have now found a whole different kind of problem however since I finished with Kana a few days ago and that is what do I do next; do I focus learning solely on Kanji so I can read, do I focus on phrases so I can talk or do I do a mixture of the two. I have been trying to fit in both of them making very little progress I can’t help but think that there might be no easier way to learn the language and maybe this is where it gets truly hard but any help is more than welcome. I got a comment on one of my posts a few days ago about a learning method to help retain information in an easier way, I will leave the link to the article down below I think number 4 would be the most effective and I will let you know as soon as I have properly tested it out.

I have had the time this week to indulge myself in Japanese media, having spent most of the week listening to J-pop and watching Japanese anime and films. I think it is helping with learning the language as it is getting me used to hearing it which helps not only with hearing individual words but it also helps with pronunciation to a degree. It might also help understand Japanese culture a little better. Maybe I’m wrong and it doesn’t help at all but that doesn’t bother me as I genuinely enjoy everything I have watched and I’m thinking about writing a review of one of legendary director Akira Kurosawa’s films. If you have never watched one and are interested in pretty much everything Japan then I would strongly recommend watching one. As far as J-pop I have only really found two artists that I truly enjoy and they are the wonderfully weird Kyari Pamyu-Pamyu and the magnificent Miwa, it took me about 10 minutes to come up with the alliteration don’t judge me, if you haven’t ever listened to them then please do they’re great!

Anyway thanks for reading!  Please leave any comments you may have down below and I will reply to them all! Make sure to share my blog and invite others into this journey!

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Good Japanese Learning Site: http://japanese.about.com/

Article about retaining information: http://www.cracked.com/article_20166_5-brain-hacks-that-give-you-mind-blowing-powers.html