Learning Japanese #3 Katakana and struggling with phrases!

Hey WordPress! Now in this blog ill talk about learning Katakana but first I will say that I am thinking about writing movie reviews on top of what I do already so please let me know what you think down below. Anyway having spent most of the week really nailing down the Hiragana I felt confident enough to start learning Katakana, used for onomatopoeia and foreign words. However it isn’t sticking in my head as easy as Hiragana did, this could be for many reasons such as I keep getting Hiragana and Katakana  characters confused however after remembering that Katakana uses more straight lines and Hiragana curves more. I think the reason is because I’ve slacked off learning the associated pictures and/or phrases that goes along with them; this shows just how important it is to do the word or picture association along with all the characters.  The stroke order however is easy and it is something any learner must learn as there is a stigma attached to people with bad hand writing in Japan as they assume you didn’t learn the stroke orders correct, so stroke order becomes vital. However Katakana isn’t too important when it comes to learning everyday Japanese phrases.

I also thought I would try learning some basic Japanese words and phrases and it really isn’t going too well! If anyone reading knows any good way to learning Japanese then please let me know because I am struggling, they just aren’t sticking at all in my head and I can hardly use any kind of word association with entire words. I have however found two interesting websites that could really help me and I will be sure to link below one of them is essentially one guys journey through living in different countries trying to learning there way of living and it is a good read. The other is a free site that helps you learn Japanese, while the first example might not be able to directly teach me Japanese it could teach me certain ‘life hacks’ which might help me learn quicker. And while the latter is a great site considering it is free, there are certain things it doesn’t teach you however I would certainly recommend you fellow language learners who are also on a budget.

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Katakana mnemonics- http://englishwilleasy.com/japanese/hiragana-katakana-mnemonics/

Stroke order- http://www.123japanese.com/index.php?cmd=kana&menu=katakana_chart

Check this out- http://www.fluentin3months.com/

A decent free site-  http://japanese.about.com/