My first movie review! Law Abiding Citizen

Hey WordPress! Welcome to my first movie review, as you may have guessed by the title I will be reviewing Law Abiding Citizen I will do my best to avoid massive spoilers but I may still spoil parts of the film so if you want to watch the film first without any parts being ruined then I suggest you watch the film then come back to this. Law Abiding Citizen was a film that I hadn’t heard a lot about until very recently and while I aren’t a huge fan of Jamie Foxx and the director Felix Gary Gray has never really done anything remarkable with his career I decided it still sounded like a good film, as for me the idea of getting to see inside a murderers head, metaphorically of course I aren’t a weirdo. The first hour of so of the film didn’t disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed that part of the film, until Jamie Foxx’s character Nick set about stopping him thus ruining the film but creating many plot holes, for example how could a modern prison not notice one of their prisoners keeps escaping out of his cell? It’s not like we don’t have some sort of visual recording device available for a cheap price. It wasn’t just this that I felt the film just ignored in order to not disturb the story it is merely the tip of the iceberg and one I will not delve as I would quite like this blog to be under two thousand words long.

For me the one thing that this film lacked was a good reliable director, I for one haven’t heard of Felix Gary Gray before and his CV suggests that he either isn’t being offered, can’t or doesn’t want to undertake big directorial roles, I think he lacks the talent. This film had a very good script and while I aren’t a huge fan of Jamie Foxx I still realise he is a very talented actor so I can safely say that the actors offered were of a high standard. This begs the question why was the budget not stretched to a great director; I don’t understand why the company behind this decided to take risk with someone and it for me ended up back firing. I personally was siding with Gerard Butler’s character to prosper throughout and I still aren’t sure if I was supposed to, if I wasn’t supposed to like him then I think that is bad directing as the director made me side with the wrong person. However if you were suppose to be confused about who’s side your on in a ‘you have to question yourself’ way, then I think that was a terrible idea for the director to do and it ended up getting lost on me.

Something else that I was great was how, for lack of a better word, badass Gerard Butlers character was, how he manages to take down the entire city behind bars was great to watch however I think this was the catalyst to why the film could and really should have been better. The reason I wanted Clyde Shelton (Bulters character) to prosper was because he was an interesting multi-layered character who I wanted to find out more, where Nick was just an ordinary cop who, to be honest, bored me.

To sum up I think this film was a good film that very easily could have been a great film if only it had better directing who could decide what he wanted to film to be as, it felt as though the film couldn’t decide if it was an intense serious political thriller or just a good cop chases psychopath, a-la Heat, and it ends up being a mixture of both, which wasn’t necessarily a good thing. So I would have to rate this film a solid 7/10 which might sound high but I think it could have so easily been a film to remember and a classic instead it will just fade into history.

Thanks for reading! J If anyone has a film they would like me to review or watch then please let me know! Also any feedback of any kind would be great and I will respond to anyone and everyone who writes me a comment.

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