Japanese blog #2 Hiragana and free language websites!

Hey WordPress! This is my second blog about learning Japanese, as if the title wasn’t enough. This past week I have been hard at work learning as much of the Hiragana as I possibly can, thankfully it wasn’t that hard. Although I maybe could have done it in a more stimulating way, all I did was write down all the characters in English then next to it in Japanese I did realise in the last few days is match up all the characters to a picture to help it stick in my brain easier. This method way coined by James Heisig I would recommend looking into this as most people I have spoken to agrees this makes language learning easier. For those of you who don’t know what it is, basically I look as a symbol and recall it with an image. For example, when I see とI think ‘toe’ because it looks a little bit like a toe with a splinter, ‘to’ is the pronunciation, admittedly some of these involve a little bit of imagination and some are downright ridiculous but if it works, it works.

Aside from learning the Hiragana I have also been looking into some free online language learning services and so far I am less than impressed, I found Busuu.com which claim to be great and free when really it is neither. To get the only content on the site that is useful after your week free premium you have to pay, I am not sure how much. However it offers a wide array of different languages and one plus I like about the site is it offers you the chance to talk to native speakers of whatever language it is you’re learning, although the site makes little to no attempt to get you to the point where this is possible it might be worth a look if you want to learn the language and I shall link below. I also found Cooori.com which is, to put it bluntly, one of the worse sites I have ever used. This spurred me to do something I wouldn’t normally do and in my enraged sense I did something terribly British and I wrote them a letter, or Email it’s your choice. All this site does is spit out random words in Japanese and once you have had 30 different words thrown up at you, your trial expires and you can’t progress which  in this case ‘progress’ might not be the appropriate word. This site doesn’t explain anything about Japanese and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Anyway rant over, thanks for reading! Make sure to share with everyone you know. Also follow me on Twitter; I need more followers’ https://twitter.com/LayedBackMitch Bye bye. 🙂

Busuu: http://www.busuu.com/enc/

Cooori: http://www.cooori.com/

Hiragana mnemonics:  http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~if2n-szk/mnemonics.html