My first challenge!!! Learning Japanese #1

Hey WordPress! Welcome to the start of my first internet challenge! Are you excited, I am! Anyway, the first challenge I have decided to attempt to undertake is learning another language and having learnt French throughout school thus leaving me with an at least basic grasp of the language I have of course decided to learn Japanese… Japanese, that’s right Japanese, the language where you read little drawings which somehow mean words. The reason I have done this is because I wanted to see if the internet could really allow me to learning something that is so different to anything I have ever done before in my life. Now this could literally take me years! Which will mean I will at least have something to write about for the foreseeable future and, after the high I got after finding out someone from Trinidad and Tobago read my first blog I assure you I will continue writing as often as I feel is necessary.

At the minute I am reading up about Japanese culture as much as I possibly can as well as watching some Japanese films and anime with English subtitles, purely so I can get used to what the Japanese language sounds like. I recommend watching ‘Seven Samurai’ even if you don’t have a strong interest in Japanese culture, or indeed any interest, as it’s great! As far as actually learning Japanese is concerned I haven’t started yet as I wanted to get a good idea about where to begin, all I did was think about  where we start as children starting school. We begin with basic letters and the alphabet, unfortunately there are 3 types of Alphabets in Japanese; Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, all are vital. At least I have a starting point now and I can finally begin learning this beautifully complicated language.

I apologise if this blog was a little boring, I’m still getting used to this whole writing thing! In the next blog I will talk about one frugal man’s struggle with the Japanese language so be sure to check it out!  If anyone has any questions or general comments then please leave me a comment I would love to read it. Thanks for reading!

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